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Rhodium.........what is it and why do we use it?

Rhodium.........what is it and why do we use it?

Sometimes we take for granted whether or not our jargon is actually understood by people. And by people we mean YOU! Sometimes simply writing "rhodium plated sterling silver" isn't quite enough of an explanation. So, with this in mind, we thought we would compile a series of jargon-busting blogs to clarify just exactly what some of that stuff means. And where better to start than with the example above? Here goes from the T.O.P. 
Spring flowers


Is that you spring? It feels like maybe spring has finally arrived and it's about time too! We can see colour appearing in our gardens, bulbs that have lain dormant all winter have sprouted and pushed their way through the warming soil and up out into view. The change of seasons, particularly winter to spring, is an inspiring time.